Beyond Birth and Death

Homage to the Relics of the Buddha of merit all.
Homage to the Body of Truth which is Truth Itself and a Stupa for the world of the Dharma for our present body.
Through the merits of the Buddha the Truth enters into us and we enter the Truth;
Through the excellent power of the Buddha we realize Truth.
Let us do only good things for all living things that we may possess the true Mind;
Let us do only pure deeds that we may enter the peaceful Mind which is unchanging Great Wisdom.
Let us pay homage eternally to the Buddha, to the Buddha, to the Buddha.
Homage to the Relics of the Buddha of merit all.
Homage to the Body of Truth which is Truth Itself and a Stupa for the world of the Dharma for our present body.

Reverend Master Teigan and his dog Samantha

On Sunday, April 26th, 2020, the priory held a memorial via Zoom for Rev. Master Teigan, who died of complications from Alzheimer disease on April 21st at the age of 87. More than thirty people online attended the service.

“Rev. Teigan was an early lay Sangha member of the Berkeley Buddhist Priory, beginning his practice here in 1974. He was ordained as a monk at Shasta Abbey in 1976. Rev. Teigan spent several years as the Prior in Berkeley and he was the Prior who moved the temple from Oakland to Albany in 1982. He later spent ten years as the Treasurer of Shasta Abbey. In 2000, Rev. Teigan relocated to the Priory with his dog, Samantha, and spent about a year here. After that he spent much of the time leading meditation groups on Cambridge Island near Seattle. For many years he also led an annual retreat at Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple with the focus on “Aging,” which was attended by many members of the Berkeley Priory. Reverend Teigan was a very friendly and kind monk who was an important spiritual teacher for many in our Sangha and we are saddened by our loss.” ~ from Rev. Kinrei

Offertory Spoken by Rev. Kinrei at the Memorial

The Dharma body of the Buddha cannot be seen as long as one is within duality, for it is beyond birth and death, filling all things.
Out of compassion for all living things the Buddha appeared in the form and figure of a human being; for this great act we bow in gratitude and pray that we may be able to illuminate our minds from delusion.
On this 26th day of April, we are gathered to offer our merit to Reverend Master Teigan, and we offer incense, flowers, candles, and the recitation of the Litany of the Great Compassionate One and the Adoration of the Buddha’s Relics out of gratitude for his wisdom and compassion.
When we are one with Enlightenment, we know that there is complete immaculacy and universal light; utter quietness embraces the sky. When we return to the world, we know that everything is as a dream.
Let us pray that the Three Treasures of the Dharma may be always watching clearly. We pray that Reverend Master Teigan has gone to the land of the Buddhas, and that his karma is cleared, and that he is now one with the waveless sea of compassion. We pray that he receive our offerings as we say farewell to him within the clouds that hide the Purelands of Buddhas from our sight.
Let us walk on the way to enlightenment with all living things.

Homage to all the Buddhas in all worlds
Homage to all the Bodhisattvas in all worlds
Homage to the Scripture of Great Wisdom