Dharma Talks

Dharma Talks by Rev. Kinrei Bassis

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Purifying Our Heart (11/29/2020) new21:48
Imperfect Self (11/22/2020) new26:48
Relating to Difficulties (11/12/2020) new31:56
Remorse and Guilt (10/18/2020) new28:13
Opening Our Heart (09/26/2000) 26:43
Spacious Mind (08/23/2000) 28:20
No Self (08/16/2020) 19:29
Dharma As Medicine (08/09/2020) 21:37
Buddha Calls for Buddha (08/02/2020) 29:05
Understanding Karmic Patterns (05/17/2020) 24:41
Battling Windmill (05/13/2020) 28:29
Real Happiness (05/10/2020) 30:00
Gratitude (05/06/2020) 19:56
Finding Compassion (02/23/2020) 59:52
Freedom Within Birth and Death (02/09/2020) 48:15
Contentment (02/02/2020) 53:31
Less Desire (01/26/2020)35:55
Right Livelihood (01/16/2020)59:06
Sitting Still (12/08/2019) 38:18
Accepting Difficult Feelings (11/24/2019) 46:20
Acceptance of Conditions (11/03/2019)46:12
Patience (10/27/2019)51:48
Training and Enlightenment (09/15/2019) 50:07
Compassionate Heart (03/03/2019)37:07
Converting Anger50:37
Heart of Compassion39:26
Real Purpose52:02
Anicca 55:59
Annica Anatta Dukkha53:21
Rev. Master Jiyu’s Teaching45:29
Bodhidharma Retreat (1): Accepting Injustice36:32
Bodhidharma Retreat (2): Accepting Conditions & Seeking Nothing32:23
Bodhidharma Retreat (3): Practicing Dharma39:45
Bodhidharma Retreat (4): Anatta38:38
Bodhidharma Retreat (5): The World is the Wind31:29
Bodhidharma Retreat (6): Purifying the Heart39:52
Not Processing Conditions52:56
Spacious Mind44:36
Karmic Wind53:45
Dreaming of Suffering49:33
Finding the Heart of Wisdom48:28
Wisdom in Buddhism53:45
Introduction to Meditation57:06
Letting Go of the Critical Self57:06
The Hard and the Soft57:06
Beginner’s Class (Part 1)34:00
Beginner’s Class (Part 2)26:25
Beginner’s Class (Part 3)26:04
Beginner’s Class (Part 4)12:04
Still Flowing Water23:29
Difficulties Point Us to the Truth54:18
Finding the Buddha in Daily Life57:23
Study in Detail43:04
Compassion for Oneself45:27
Right View48:14
Compassion and Fear49:30
The Problem of Resistance50:56
Converting Anger47:23
Facing Death and Suffering56:24