Peace Upon the Pillow

(This is the evening vesper after each evening sitting meditation at the Priory. May the gentle chanting of our monastic be your accompany as you retire each night with this prayer.)

Evening Vesper (Listen / Download 5:37)

Adoration to the Triple Treasure
Adoration to Kanzeon Who is the Great Compassionate One
Om to the One Who leaps beyond all fear
Having adored Him – may I enter into the heart of the Noble, adored Kanzeon
His life is the completion of meaning
It is pure, it is that which makes all beings victorious and cleanses the path of all existence

Om, O Thou Seer, World-transcending One
O hail to the Great Bodhisattva
All, all is defilement, defilement, earth, earth
Do, do the work within my heart
O great Victor, I hold on, hold on
To Indra the creator I cry
Move, move my defilement – free One
Come, come, hear, hear a joy spring up in me
Speak, speak, give me direction
Awakened, awakened, I have awakened

O merciful one, compassionate One
Of daring ones the most joyous, hail
Thou are all successful, hail
Thou art the great successful One, hail
Thou hast attained master in the discipline, hail
Thou hast a weapon within Thine hand, hail
Thou hast the Wheel within Thine hand, hail
Thou who hast the lotus, hail
Hail to Thee Who art the root of eternity
Hail to Thee Who art all compassion, hail
Adoration to the Triple Treasure Hail
Give ear unto this my prayer, hail

Invocation of Acalanatha:
Hail to the Mandala – Let us so be engulfed within its praises evermore that;
by our own wills and vigilance, may we our fetters cut away.
May we within the temple of our own heart dwell amidst the myriad mountains.
Hail! Hail! Hail!

Invocation of Mahakala:
Let us be engulfed within the Mandala of the sons and daughters of Buddha. Hail!
The arrow of emptiness. Hail!

Invocation of the Cosmic Buddha:
Hail, the beneficent Mystic, the Treasure, Hail!

The Golden Bell That Rings But Once:
Peace upon the pillow.