Charity is one of the four wisdoms and demonstrates the Bodhisattva’s aspiration. The Priory offers meditation, Dharma talks, Buddhist services including funerals, naming ceremonies, animal memorials, retreats, spiritual counseling, and all other services without charging a fee. We are supported by donations of our Sangha and friends. The generosity of the entire Priory Sangha is what makes it possible for the Priory to exist and for the Dharma to be freely offered to whomever is interested. Our appreciation and gratitude is extended to all those who contribute their spiritual practice, money, time, energy, and various gifts to the Priory.

Becoming a Member

One of the best ways to help the priory is to make the commitment to be a member of the Priory. What this involves is making a pledge to contribute a certain amount of money to the Priory each month. There is no set or recommended amount as we leave it up to each individual to offer what he or she feels is approperiate. This commitment is a tremendous help to the Priory for it gives us stable fiancial base. More importantly, deciding to become a member has deep spiritual significance. it means you are choosing to help take responsibility for the continued existence of the Priory. Some of you may only be able to pledge a few dollars a month and think that it is not worth making such an insignificant commitment. Yet it is important to be part of the Priory. The most important help members bring to the Priory and the Sangha is not their donations but their Buddhist practice. By being willing to come to the Priory and train with others, we help make the Priory a true refuge of the Sangha.

We are not suggesting that everyone who occasionally attends the Priory or gives us donations should become a member. For many people. it is not appropriate to make a commitment, and we welcome them to join us whenever they wish, to help us in the manner they feel appropriate, and to be valued friends of the Priory.

Bequests - a Way of Giving

Bequests, or gifts by will, permit a donor to retain full use and control of an estate during his or her lifetime, while affording the knowledge that assets will be put to good use after one's death. They involve no immediate loss of capital or income, and tax benefits minimize the ultimate cost to one's heirs. Large bequests help in many important ways, but smaller bequests also add valuable support. Please contact us if you need information in order to add the Priory as a beneficiary.

Food Offering

Providing monks with food is the traditional offering given when coming to a Buddhist temple, and we appreciate all the generous food offerings we have been given which provide most of the food for the Priory. To help the Sangha’s offering what are needed, we post and update the list below. You are also welcome to check with the Priory.

Currently the Priory can use the following items:

Nuts (Unsalted)
Soy Milk
Herbal Tea
Vegetarian Burgers
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels



“When a virtuous person to a virtuous person gives with a trusting heart
a gift righteously obtained, placing faith that the fruit of action is great, that gift, I say, will come to
full fruition.”

~ Shakyamuni Buddha