Temples of Order of Buddhist Contemplatives

    The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives



      CA  Shasta Abbey
      CA  Berkeley Buddhist Priory
      CA  Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple
      OR  Eugene Buddhist Priory
      OR  Portland Buddhist Priory
      OR  Wallowa Buddhist Temple
      SC  Columbia Zen Buddhist Priory  


       BC  Lions Gate Buddhist Priory
       BC  Vancouver Island Zen Sangha

United Kingdom
      Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey
      Portobello Buddhist Priory
      Reading Buddhist Priory
      Telford Buddhist Priory
      Dharma Cloud Trust
      Dragon Bell Temple
      The Place of Peace Dharma House
      Jade Mountains

      Dharmazuflucht Schwarzwald


The Netherlands
      Gemeenschap van  Boeddhistische Contemplatieven

For a complete and most current list of Temples and Meditation Groups, please go to:

      OBC Temples and Meditation Groups